5 Facts About Match.com and Other Online Dating Services

Match.com has been a very convenient means of finding love. In fact, one of five couples has met each other with the help of the online dating services. And such is the goal of match.com. Match.com offers its users many features for its users to finally meet the other halves of their lives. Such online dating services are a trend especially in the United States, where millions of users have tried these websites. Some are successful while some aren’t so much.

Knowing the basics of match.com, are you ready to learn some facts about online dating services? If you are looking for the complete match.com reviews, read more about it here. Listed below are a few shocking facts about the online dating websites.

• $1 Billion Annual Income

A lot of people are probably getting desperate to find the love of their life. As others may deny it, the profit of online dating websites shows they’re lying. Even if these sites are free, they offer many accessible features that you would have to pay for in order to get that certain asset. It may not actually even be necessary for the people to look for an online date. But still, a lot of people still pay to get these assets to find the best person for them.

• About 10% of the Users are Sex Offenders

Getting past the online dating websites safeguards, many sex offenders lurk the site in order to get a victim in real life. Match.com has a couple of rules and regulations against those who would violate its terms of use. Even so, it is still difficult to catch the mischievous people before they do the act.

The best protection is never to reveal personal information to these people especially your full name and address. It is also mandatory to block and report the users of match.com and other online dating websites when they act suspiciously.

• Men lie about themselves

Men often lie about their true identities in order to seem more attractive to women. They would often lie about height, age and income to be able to catch a woman’s attention. It is a bit natural for the users to say a few white lies. The people who do this, however, sabotage their act because the women can obviously get to know the truth after one online date.

• Women lie about age, weight, and build

Knowing that men would want a girl that would be more attractive, some of the female users of match.com and other online dating websites tend to lie about their body proportions and age. Of course, the men would want to have a date with a young lady with good body proportions. This is the reason why many women tell these white lies.

• Young Women Have the Greatest Number of Pursuers

Most women become the most desirable at the age of 21. However, most men go after the girls who are 26 in age. Many men would want to have a career girl who has a stable work. Women of 26 complete what most men would want in their preference.

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